Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bolts Short-circuited Tonight

It's hard to believe that less than five years ago the Lightning won the Stanley Cup and electrified this town. Because these days, the Lightning just plain suck.

They lost tonight, 3-2, to the Hurricanes of Carolina.

And what was sad was there was no energy in the building. A few nights ago, the Montreal Canadiens were in town and the arena rocked. Every Frenchie within 100 miles of Tampa came to watch the Habs and the Lightning lost 2-1 in a shootout after a spirited 60 minutes and five minutes of OT. Most of the seats were filled.

But tonight, Bicycle Stories reports that the game was flat and the place was basically littered with empty seats -- no juice and another "L" for the Bolts after the hometown guys jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first period.

At least two people will never forget tonight. Between periods 1 and 2, this chap proposed marriage to his girlfriend and it was captured on the center ice jumbo screen.

She said yes.

Hey, who's the guy with the bushy blue afro?

It's none other than the Cowbell Kid, who usually wears a Rays jersey and is banging a big ol' cowbell at the Rays stadium.

The Eagles are coming to the Forum later this month, though the poster advertisement makes Don Henley and pals appear as if they're taking a leak against the back of a building.

The Lightning don't score too many goals. But they do make wine.

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