Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super Bowl Buzz In Downtown Tampa

This afternoon I biked into downtown Tampa to conduct some business, then made a pitstop at the Super Bowl Media Center at the Tampa Convention Center. It was a motley mix of lookaloos, geeky autograph seekers and slick-looking former NFLers who are hanging on as interviewees.

This little fella was hoping for an autograph from Warren Sapp. Twinkle Toes Sapp blew the kid off.

This guy has a whole stash of footballs ready for signatures.

If you've ever seen a pack of turkey vultures descend on a freshly-killed raccoon, you'll have a sense on the scene when the horde of autograph-seekers descended on Joe Montana, the former great NFL quarterback who won four Super Bowls with the 49ers.

Outside the Media Center at the convention center, the NFL Network had its stage. It's a wonderful convergence of nattilty-dressed nerds such as Rick Eisen, former NFL pros such as Terrell Davis, geeks holding footballs to be signed like some of the folks pictured in this post; and then there's the cool, hip, chic makeup girl.

Like this woman . . .

. . . and her shoes.

This fella put his football on display with style.

He snagged the Joe Montana autograph. Check out this football -- it has Montana's likeness on it.

Across the street, the tallest poster of the Super Bowl victory trophy adorned the Embassy Suites.

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