Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thank God I Know About The Club Level Food For Sunday's Super Bowl

On tonight's 6 o'clock news there was another hard-hitting Super Bowl story by Channel 8 -- the NBC affiliate here in Tampa. Oh, did you know NBC just happens to be broadcasting Sunday's Super Bowl?

A reporter gushed over the food that will be served at the club level at Raymond James Stadium for Sunday's Super Bowl

After the video showed stuff like crab legs and chocolate-covered strawberries, Gayle Sierens, the Channel 8 anchor cooed, "My, my, my, that looked good."

Oy, it's only Thursday.

I realize NBC is the network broadcasting the Super Bowl and Channel 8 is the hometown NBC affiliate. But the TV cheerleading on Channel 8 for the Super Bowl is way over the top.

Crab legs and homemade desserts.

It's a weird vibe in town.

I bike around the Tampa Bay area and see empty stores and restaurants like Bennigan's and Linens N Things.

But then you see high rollers swarming into Tampa for high-powered partying. For a few days, anyway.

Ooooh, the Maxim Party. Don't want to miss that one.


The emperors have arrived and Rome is burning. And I'm not talking about the sports talk show.

Our nation's executives received $18.4 billion in bonuses last year. This year, a record number of workers requested unemployment benefits.

"It's shameful," Obama said.

Even Springsteen, the working-man God, was dipping into the well.

The blue-collar rocker thought the Super Bowl halftime show was a novelty. That's why he never played Super Bowls before.

But he's playing Tampa on Sunday because he has a record coming out.

At a press conference today, he commented on why he turned down previous offers to do halftime before: "Initially [the halftime show] was sort of a novelty. It didn't feel quite right."

But why he changed his tune and is playing Sunday's gig: ". . . we have a new album out, dummy!"

My hometown -- sure, Bruce.

But good thing Tampa got the Super Bowl.

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Jeff said...

Dude, Obama hosted a bipartisan cocktail party at the White House that served Wagyu beef. He spent $150 billion on an inauguration - almost four times the previous record.

That doesn't exactly add up to austerity.

I look at it the other way: The reporter at the stadium was showing the disparity.