Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Bowl Site and Bicycling

I contacted Mickey Farrell, manager of the Bucs football stadium for the Tampa Sports Authority, and floated the idea of workers using bicycles to get around the Super Bowl area that has taken over the stadium site and adjacent lots.

Mickey said everyone is using golf carts (how green is that?) to get around the site and it would be dangerous to ride a bicycle with so many golf carts whizzing around the place.

Yeah, Super Bowl!

Posters are up.


Michael Edgerley said...


I will be working concessions, at a pre-game meeting I asked about riding my bike, and I was strongly discouraged not to, just short of being told I couldn't do it. We have to park at the airport, get our credentials there (I had to pass a background check), and ride a school bus to and from the stadium. I could be there a while after the game. I'm seriously thinking about riding the bike to the airport, going on the service roads behind Int'l mall, getting my stuff and riding to the stadium. Oh yeah, my daughter wrecked one of our cars, but hey, I ride, so let them stop me when I say that's my mode of transportation!

SWFBUD said...

Why do people in authority seem to discourage bicycling in this area? That's not how bicycling is perceived in other regions of the country, where bicycling is encouraged as a terrific way to get around.