Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Day, Another Local Jaunt

Again, a late-day jaunt through the neighborhood and again some pleasant views of my new favorite little hangout -- the 22nd Street Park. Compared to other major cities, Tampa has a feeble park inventory. I lived in places such as Denver, which has an incredible city park system. Tampa, not so good.

Which is why this open space is incredible.

It's really the closest we have to an arb, or an arboretum, in Tampa. Just thought I'd pass the word.

Here's Hanna's Whirl, a really cool bend in the Hillsborough River off Park Circle. Here's looking west . . .

then the bend in the river . . .

and looking east.

They're still working on the river on Park Circle, getting that sewer line ready to go beneath the river.

Listen, the guy who's delivering the Verizon phone book, how about picking up the books you tossed on 12th Street.

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