Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Afternoon Ride To St. Petersburg

On the way to St. Petersburg in the spacious shoulder on the Gandy Bridge. I got an email from someone who said she was stopped by a police officer from biking across the Gandy Bridge recently.

Has anyone else who has biked on the Gandy Bridge been confronted by an officer who told them they were disallowed from biking across the bridge?

You're looking at a violation -- yeah, right. The security guard at Publix in downtown St. Pete insisted it was against state law to park an unattended bicycle inside Publix. He said the law was passed because people would trip over a parked bike and sue Publix and the bike owner. Wow, who knew?

I met this guy by the USF campus in downtown St. Pete. He loves his bike.

Biking the car race circuit in downtown St. Pete.

Standing silent. The old Al Lang stadium - former spring home of the Rays, Mets, Cardinals and a few other teams. Not much happening there this month.

These tires would be handy for a crit, too.


Anonymous said...

I love it when some clueless prick claims that a company policy is a "law".

However, St. Pete does appear to have some interesting regulations about a required "bicycle license plate” a required on bicycles belonging to city residents.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean Al Lang?

SWFBUD said...

Yes, Al Lang. Good catch. Fixed.

Tim B said...

I was pulled over in January on the Gandy Bridge while cycling. The officer was polite and listed to my discussion of the state law. The following week the City of Tampa Attorney's office and FDOT both issued written statements that cycling on the bridge was legal. That information was provided to City of Tampa Police, Pinellas County Sheriff and the Highway Patrol. Unfortuetly, not all officers received that information, as one of my friends was stopped from cycling across the bridge last week. I am addressing that issue with the COT Attorney's Office. Please let me know, through Allen, if other cyclists have been stopped on the bridge.

JHop said...

I'd like to ask to see that law about the bicycle in the supermarket. I doubt there is one.