Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making Money From Finding Nuts At Intersections

Well, well, well. I got a lot of laughs from people who I told about my little intersection "Nut" project. It consisted of picking up bolts, nuts and nails at Tampa-area intersections while I waited on my bicycle at red lights.

Road crews are so lax about cleaning up intersections around here that I decided to pick up the hardware myself and drop the bolts and nails and nuts into my bike jersey's rear pockets. I came home and deposited the hardware into jars.

Well, this week, I hit paydirt. I sold the three jars of hardware for $5 to Gene of Brandon thanks to my sale advertised on Craig's List.

Here is my framed tribute to my intersection-cleaning ways. Stop by the SWFBUD table Saturday at the downtown Tampa crit and festival. And bring some hardware -- I'll have a new jar I'm beinning to fill.

By the way, I also collect golf balls along the Rogers Park Golf Course on Rowlett Park Drive while bicycling and sold 180 for $30 to Jerry of Spring Hill thanks to a Craig's List hookup.

Cycling pays!

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