Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pinellas Park Circuit Race on Sunday

Is the Tampa Bay area a hot bicycle area or what? Not only is there a crit in downtown Tampa on Saturday, there's a cool race in the Pinellas Park area on Sunday. John Sinibaldi just sent me some info about a Pinellas Park Circuit Race.

"This coming Sunday, we have the opportunity to see some great racing right in our back yards! My team, Gearlink Racing, is hosting the Pinellas Park Circuit Race, which is one of the Florida Points Series races (the most prestigious races in the state). Because of the awesome course, and being part of the points series, we should have the best racers from all over the Southeast US at this race. This is a great course, a flat 2-mile winding loop with big sweeping corners that promises fast and furious racing action.

"The race is located just off of Gandy Boulevard and US 19, so is pretty convenient.

At the very least, come out and watch some racing. HOWEVER - if you're coming out and NOT racing, there is a great opportunity to help our team and the local racing community put on this great event. If you'd like to have a great view of the course and give us a couple of hours, we really, really, really need corner marshals (folks to man the corners to make sure cars don't accidentally wander onto the course, and also to call the race folks if the racers mix it up a bit too much and have a wreck).

"It's easy work, it's a way to help out a great race, and it's a great way to watch the action up front and personal! All you have to do is let us know if you're available for any of these times:

3:00- 4:30

"There are a total of 8 slots open (2 corners for the four times listed), and it's more fun if you get one of your friends to man the corner with you (and better for visibility!) Ideally you'll need your cell phone (we'll give you the number to call if something comes up), and I'd recommend bringing a folding chair and some sunscreen.

We could use your help - and this is the closest premier level race in our area this year. So to all of you, all of my riding buddies - please step up if you can!

Email me if you're in (and I'll get you information on parking, directions to the venue, etc.) Here is the email: john@js-insurance.com



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