Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Daily Newspaper Stops Printing

This morning another daily metro newspaper I used to work for -- the Seattle Post-Intelligencer -- delivered its last newspaper and has closed its daily print operations. The P-I will morph into an online entity but it's unclear how much local Seattle news it will deliver through cyberspace.

In Seattle, I covered the opening of Safeco Field and the fact the Seattle Mariners' ball park was built $100 million over budget. I even had the chance to write about baseball and cycling coming together in a P-I story about bicycle parking at the ballfield.

Just last month, the Rocky Mountain News in Denver closed -- another daily paper that I worked for. Now, both Seattle and Denver are one-newspaper towns -- like many cities across the country. In a democracy, that's not good news, folks.

Newspapers get cranked out every day -- there are no off days. They become part of the daily rhythm of a community and it's sad to see when one dies.

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