Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bicycle Stories Visits the Ren Faire

This afternoon Bicycle Stories visited the Renaissance Festival on the MOSI property across from USF. I was allowed to lock the bike right next to the entrance.

Basically, it's a Medieval Times Halloween. There was a ton of live entertainment a la the Strawberry Festival and tons of renaissance faire vendor booths peddling medivela clothes, jewelry and refreshments. An amazing number of people come dressed for the occasion, much like baseball and football fans wearing team jerseys.

People brought some unusual pets.

Wenches had their unions back then, too.

The happy couple -- Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

Dirty Nellie has some funny verbal cracks.

The art work was very nice.

What, no sword? The human chess game included this fella who wielded the always-dangerous rolling pin.

The entertaining wenches were everywhere on stage.

Now we know how Jim Norman spends his weekends.

Even the kiddies enjoyed the garb.

Raccoon tails are very popular in Ren-Land. They still are in Hillsborough County.

This pair of wenches had a good ol' time yucking it up about washing clothes.

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