Monday, March 2, 2009

Checking Out Bicycle Baskets at the Spring Baseball Game

You might have noticed that baseball' spring training is underway and there has been no Tour de Spring Training rides in 2009 like there were in 2008. I might bike to a ballpark in Dunedin -- like today -- or in Clearwater. But I don't envision actually attending games. It was a critical mass of hearing that the baseball commissioner -- a former used car salesman by the name of Bud Selig -- makes $18 million a year annually and all the drug-induced home run numbers that were executed by players high on performance-enhancing substances. It's just not the same game I remember when I was a kid and got to know the game.

Alas, there are still bicyclists who pedal to spring games. And at Dunedin's simple and understated ball yard, I was impressed with all the bicycle that were locked up outside, including many that showed off an array of handlebar baskets. Let's take a look.

Check out this classic basket.

This coaster bike has a roomy basket and a horn to boot.

The bike had mix and match front and rear metal container cages.

This modern black basket cage is a beauty.

The oldest bike in the row had this classic front basket.

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