Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bicycle Tidbits From Around The USA

Some interesting bicycle scuttlebutt from around the nation. Check out item no. 2 and you'll see what I mean about scuttleBUTT.

Quick Tip: Lube in Advance. When you hear your chain chirp or are due for regular chain maintenance, lubricate the links right after riding. First, you won't forget. Second, it will give the lube's carrier a day to evaporate before your next ride. There will be less lube on the chain's surface to attract grit and be flung onto the frame, derailleurs and rear wheel. Lube belongs inside the links, not thickly coating them, so before riding again run the chain through a clean rag. Then go out and enjoy the difference a well-maintained chain makes.

An 87-year-old man died in suburban New York after he caught fire while riding his bicycle, reports the New York Post. Authorities say the elderly gent was likely smoking a cigarette that ignited his nylon jacket, engulfing him in flames. A passing motorist used a fire extinguisher but it was too late.

In Oregon, there's a move afoot to charge bicycle owners $54 every 2 years (per bike) for a license and registration. The law would apply to people 18 or older who ride their bike(s) on public roads. Four state legislators have introduced the bill, which stipulates various other fees and requirements. The revenue would go toward development and maintenance of bike lanes, paths and related "transportation improvement projects." Some cyclists aren't too happy. More details at

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