Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bike Valet At The Mayor's Green River Event In Tampa

Bob Buckhorn wanted to turn the Hillsborough River green and gosh darn it the Tampa mayor did it.

The city invited some food and beer trucks, set up some kids tents and ordered killer weather of clear skies and 80 degree temps and you had a nice day at the downtown Curtis Hixon park on the Hillsborough River in Tampa to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Jim Shirk, the czar of the bike valet, was manning the parked bikes as usual at the event and I swung by to give Jim a break.

Then it was off to a bike shop and I also swing by Yankee Stadium in Tampa, better known as Steinbrenner Field where the Yanks hotsed the Astros in a pre-season game.

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