Friday, March 23, 2012

Uncle Chipster Says Fair is Fair -- Allow Bicyclists In Buildings

Clearwater's Chip Haynes is a wonderful velophile who appreciates the beauty and the practicality of the mighty bicycle. Uncle Chipster notes the proliferation of Segways and mobility scooters on bicycle trails, so he says bicyclists should bring their bikes into stores and workplaces. Here's the Chipster's opinion:

So with the monthly County Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting coming up next Monday, I find myself thinking about bicycles even more than usualy these days, and here's what I think:

If we are being asked to accept Segways and mobility scooters as legal alternatives to bicycles on what were intended to be strictly non-motorized recreational bike trails (and around here, we are), then fair is fair: We cyclists should then be allowed to bring our bicycles into any store, business or government office that does not provide for safe and secure designated bicycle parking within reasonable sight and distance to their main entrance.

We've all experienced the joy of cycling to a given destination, only to find no bike parking at all, and no way to secure our ride. There are a few places like that around here that I know I can wheel my mount inside if I have to, but very few. We need to know are bikes will be safe, no matter where we go. We need to know that we can keep them close, and bring them inside if we have to. We need to be able to use our bikes safely, no matter the destination.

If nothing else, a push for this may get us more bike racks.

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

I take my bike inside, bar none - never carry a lock.
Church, grocery store, movie theater, post office, and workplace. Why limit the destinations you can visit?

If management or a PFY have a problem with me being there, I ask to see a supervisor. I politely explain to the supervisor that I always take my bike inside because it's the most secure and convenient way to make my way. If they still object, I politely inform them that I will take my business elsewhere. And then, that's exactly what I do!

jachmilli said...

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