Sunday, March 18, 2012

Riding the Bridges With The Big E, Nick and Becky

Once again it was off to ride the 3 Bridges (Gandy, Bayside, Causeway) and a Span (North Blvd. over the Hillsborough) -- and it was a terrific 51.7-miler with Ellen "The Big E" Pierson, Nick and Becky.

The route from Seminole Heights to the Bridges and back included Tampa's finest bike infrastructure -- sharrowed roads of NorthnBlvd. and Euclid, bike lanes on Bayshore, Manhattan and Nebraska and even the U-Path Trail.

Over the Gandy we pedaled to US 19 and 49th Street over to the Bayside and Courtney Campbell Bridges and then via the U-Path Trail we hooked into Cypress and pedaled across Tampa to North Blvd. and home to Seminole Heights.

Lots of gorgeous views of the water from the bridges in between a little grit on the few commercial roads we took. Overall, a splendid ride with terrific company.

There's Nick -- he has been known to use these candid bridge shots for his Facebook profile photo.

There's the Big E -- Ellen. On the frontage road we can exchange witty banter.

Becky and the Big E head down the frontage road.

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Nick said...

As usual it was a fun. Plus it always feels special to be able to ride a real route and see Tampa instead of driving to a trail heading in one direction, turning around and heading back.