Thursday, March 1, 2012

Light Up The Night

With a disturbingly high number of bicyclsts being killed at night or darkness, people are aware of the importance of lights on bikes.

Jerry Sherwin, a 76-year-old St. Petersburg resident, has invented the "Flip Flasher."

Check out Jerry's patented invention.


Clinton said...

Seat post! It's called a seat post not a seat stem.

This thing will snap right off. The moment of inertia is too high with that long lever arm attached to a small plastic bracket. The bike thrashes around quite a bit when you're up out of the saddle.

I don't see what this accomplishes that a blinky on the back of the helmet in addition to the standard seat post rear light doesn't.

Jerry said...

Clinton, your assessment of the flip flasher is completely wrong. The unit is made of polycarbonate and no amount of peddling or high wind will cause it to break. (And there are other even stronger composite materials that we are exploring) The unit was designed to allow it to thrash back and forth to bring awareness to truck and car drivers, although we are in the process of redesigning it to reduce the lateral movement. There is no comparison between helmet blinky lights and the standard seat post rear light which has a very limited range of vision and the flip flasher. I welcome any constructive criticism as long as it can be backed up with facts.

Anonymous said...

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