Friday, March 2, 2012

Making Connections

One of the joys of bicycling is the verbal greetings I offer to the walking public I see when pedaling.

The connection is more than just a greeting. I want people to see bicyclists as real people and the verbal offering makes an instant connection so that when that person sees a bicyclist the next time, he or she will see a real person and not some anonymous pedaller.

My collection of greetings include: "All Right Now," "Good Morning M'Lady" for women and "Good Morning Sir" for men, "Keep It Wheelin' " for bicyclists I pass, and "You're Looking Mighty Fine" for those dressed in a classy outfit.

The best thing is when people actually get it and go with it.

For example, I was passing a bus stop recently on 40th Street in Tampa and heard the bus behind me so I told the bus stop folks, "The bus is coming, the bus is coming." That prompted one person to yell back, "Thank you Paul Revere."

And when I was bicycling along Druid Hills Road in Temple Terrace recently, I told a middle-aged woman wearing a red blouse in her driveway, "Good norning M'Lady" to which she responded with a friendly bow. I burst out in laughter as I pedaled in laughter.

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