Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever at This Festival Outside Tampa

Bicycle Stories visited one of the Tampa area's signature events -- the Strawberry Festival in Plant City about 20 miles east of Tampa. The festival is all about tradition with a heavy dose of strawberry themes and country music, spiced by country fair stand-bys like the killer fried foods that will literally kill you, old music acts like Brenda Lee who are literally old and rides and prize booths you see at every fair. Let's take a hike through the grounds and you'll see what I mean.

Remember that strawberry theme -- well, there's even a real live strawberry patch.

Photo opps galore.

And after you Hoover up the strawberry shortcakes and shakes, there is a plethora of that killer food.

When you enter the joint, there are photographers ready to snap away.

Even the vendor stands are made from gigantic strawberries.

The crowd gathered to hear Jay Taylor, who played country music and is a local boy.

Later in the afternoon, this guy played to a small crowd. I have to credit the Strawberry festival for allowing just about anyone to sing.

They sell strange stuff, like hands to hold stuff.

The old lady gang wearing their trademark red hats and purple outfits invaded the Strawberry Festival.

Strawberry royalty.

Even the FOX football robot guy showed up.

Excellent security.

Strawberry festivals are very diverse -- they even include seals.

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A New Bike said...

This reminds me certain fair in Pawnee and I am more than down to try a Doughnut burger.