Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pedaling The Bible Since 1995

On Thursday, I ripped off a quick 100-miler and it included a stint on US 301 into Dade City, about 40 miles northeast of Tampa. Most bicyclists avoid US 301 and other federal roads, but I like biking sections of certain federal roads that have shoulders because most long-distance cyclists from other states follow federal and state roads since they're not aware of the back roads.

And you never know who will bump into.

Like this fella -- Joelle from Texas, who is the kind of the Tim Tebow of long-distance Jesus-loving bicyclists.

He's pedaling a rig that includes 5 (FIVE!) trailers packed with bibles and other religious books. He had his total rig weighed in Fort Myers and it came in at a whopping 1,116 pounds. Joelle says he has been on the road since 1995, starting in Texas.

He's very devoted to Jesus and tried like the dickens to get me to join him but I'm a disciple of the Temple of Bicyclists, which I broke the news to Joelle and hope his feelings weren't hurt too much.

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