Sunday, February 9, 2014

Have Your Bike Ride -- And Cake Too

A tip of the Bicycle Stories helmet to Lisa Caterbone of for the Cake Ride today, which featured rides of 25 and 40 miles into Red Rock Canyon and back into Summerlin.

Lisa holds the monthly cake rides to celebrate bicyclists' birthdays for the month. It was great to meet Lisa for the first time after exchanging emails with her. Her super attitude is contagious and job well done. Lisa was videotaping parts of the ride and was a happy greeter for the cyclists in the park in Summerlin.

It's a great ride event for casual road cyclists who like to mix pedaling with socializing. It's also ideal for new cyclists who might be intimidated by the hard-core hammerheads.

Great job by Lynetta in leading the 25-mile ride, allowing people to bike at their own paces while having fun and meeting for cake to celebrate the birthdays of people born in February. Great setting at a park in Summerlin not too far from Sahara Avenue.