Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Pump Up Your Bike Ride With This Nifty Convenient Mini Bike Pump That Tags Along For The Ride

You know the feeling well. You're bicycling and in that pedaling zen groove, but then you have that nagging signal that the bicycle is just not moving ahead like it should. There's that sinking feeling that one of your tire tubes is leaking air. You stop and inspect the tire and it's growing flat miles from home.

But then you accept it and know things will be OK.

You have a Pro Bike Tool Mini Bike Pump snuggled next to your water bottle cage, or maybe in a jersey rear pocket because it's that small and convenient to carry.

It's a handy tool that can pump your tire tube to a sturdy 90 PSI and get you back pedaling on the road or trail.

I'm old school, so I don't do the cartridges and instead choose to have the small pump secured to my bicycle frame.

It works easily. A small pump hose attachment comes out of the cylinder and all you do is screw one end of the hose to the pump. One hose end can accommodate a Presta valve, while the other end can handle a Schrader valve. So, just use the end you need for your tire tube and use the other end to screw into the pump.

As you can see, it can be carried on your bike with a small attachment that gets connected to the frame via the bolt that locks your water bottle cage onto your bike.

Pro Bike Tool is the name of the company that makes this convenient pump, which has a retail price of $26.49. You can find the pump here.

Bicycle Stories recommends the Mini Bike Pump as a smart tool that can easily come along your ride -- and keep your ride going if you deal with a flat.

For your bike tool needs, here's the website for Pro Bike Tool.