Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Handske Short-Finger Gloves An Ideal Way To Get A Handle On Bicycling In Warm Months

It's Las Vegas in mid-August when the temperatures quickly zoom from the 80s at sunrise to the 100s by mid-morning.

Bicycling in this type of furnace heat conditions requires clothing that will handle the heat when pedaling.

That's why Bicycle Stories recommends Handske's short-finger bicycle gloves that I wore for the first time today during my daily morning ride on the Red Rock Scenic Drive just outside Las Vegas.

The Handske bike gloves are sleek and light, perfect for the intense heat that Las Vegas is famous for from April to November. They're also ideal for high-humid places like Florida and the other Gulf states.

These gloves have no Velcro straps. 

Just slip them on and off as a single piece of clothing for your hands. There are small tabs on the middle and ring finger sleeves to help you remove the gloves. 

There's also a terry cloth swipe wipe under the thumb that runs to the wrist.

There's no bulky padding that can sometimes shift in the glove material. Keeping it simple, the top panel is a lycra material and the palm grip is silicone. The palm veneer does a nice job gripping your handlebar. 

I asked Handske owner Sam Gallegos why he started the brand. He launched the brand on Kickstarter in 2017 and official got the Handske gloves in front of the media at the Sea Otter festival in April 2018.

"I started the brand for two reasons. In my 20 plus years of cycling journeys, I never found a glove that just fit right. Usually too baggy. And because most were boring colors. Out of that Handske was born to offer a well-fitting glove with attention to detail for certain necessary features and to connect the creativity of artists with the sport," Gallegos told me. "With out our collaborative effeort since our inception, we have worked with over 10 artists from all walks of life."

Handske is based in El Paso, Texas and these short-finger gloves retail for $25.99.

Take a look at these gloves I wore this morning. This is the "Descend" model.

Here's a pic of the Descend model off the Handske website.

They also come in a "Comic" model that is more colorful.

Handske launched the short-finger gloves in a short collection, with new designs in the works for s future release date.

For more information, https://www.handskegloves.com/collections/summer-gloves?utm_campaign=privy_1689798&utm_medium=email&utm_source=privy&utm_email=%40%40%40%40070AMBR8mUEh2hLEJAXssgNLE6H9pEhRO467kFrBOxvzvQlEn8BeTH65zA1N6eb2wT7fU%2FIkw%2FJVIyJKNJODgYRIodpIcg8OyUDyPYDbx7xOjtIFhefbQVJ0bNbwzWx66%2BOGoNBtlho%2F5Z7%2FyriQHPAc9RkqjsRJSxGoaveeYD%2BRVg4%3D#

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Downtown at Sunrise


This morning I headed to downtown, where in the sunrise light I saw the new Circa hotel-casino illuminated.

In a state with an economy built on tourism and gambling, I've always been amused that gambling is called "gaming."

That's why I always enjoy stores that tell it like it like it is -- and what it is is gambling.

I also adored this bike rack on Main Street.

And there was something about this scene that said, "Old economy, new economy."

I began bicycling down las Vegas Boulevard and saw the big Welcome to Las Vegas structure that is being built in front of The Strat.


The Strip was quiet at 7 a.m. Kind of like how it was when so many people were bilking the Strip when it the hotel-casinos were closed in April and May.

Then it was off to the Raiders' new football stadium, which is a massive update from their previous Alamada stadium home.