Thursday, December 25, 2014

Cycling The Wetlands And Trying To Avoid The Wind

I realize Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston and Valley of Fire at The Big Three of the Las Vegas area's nature lineup.

But I'm very close to putting the Wetlands Park into the Big Three to make it The Big Four.

It offers so much water and color and inspiring vegetation along the Las Vegas Wash corridor.

I drove with my bicycle to the Wetlands from Summerlin, about a 30-minute drive or so. Parked at the visitors center lot and pedaled away, heading in the direction of Lake Las Vegas.

There's a sweet and smooth paved trail, with lots of dirt trails.

It was way windy, so the Wetlands was a good place to find a riding scene that was a few degrees warmer.

Just take Tropicana Ave east about three miles east of 95 and you'll see the big sign pointing you to go left.