Friday, April 26, 2019

Wildflower Wonderland along Red Rock Loop -- Enjoy the High Desert Spring

Remember those freaky snowstorms and rain showers in February? Well. this week's blast of 90-degree weather has conspired with that wet February to release a stunning array of wildflowers along the Red Rock loop.

This morning I cycled the 12+plus mile strip of pavement in the foothills of the Spring Mountains and was intoxicated with the aroma of blossoming cliffside rose and Apache plume flowers that are here for a week-long stay in late April until the hot weather puts an end to their glorious blossoms.

The colors of the wildflowers were glorious. It's amazing how these spiky plants can give rise to such stunning colorful beauty in the high desert just outside the sprawling west Vegas suburb of  Summerlin.

Near Ice Box Canyon around Mile 6, there's a wall of cliffrose bushes that's providing an amazing floral aroma. It's down hill there, but I tap the brakes to slow down and smell nature.

No wonder Red Rock Canyon is facing so much more traffic along State Road 159. The word is out about beautiful that corridor is.