Saturday, October 17, 2020

Saturday Morning's Bike Ride To Downtown and The Strip -- Photos Tell The Story

Most days I'm pedaling Red Rock Canyon. But most Saturdays, I hop on my tank-like steel, single-speed Surly Pugsley and cruise down (literally downhill 1,000 feet in elevation) to downtown Las Vegas before meandering on back roads to the Strip.

Downtown and the Strip are two different worlds, old school and new school.

I love the outdoor artwork of downtown, plus the creation of the new Circa hotel-casino. 

From downtown Las Vegas I pedaled on back roads that were parallel to Las Vegas Boulevard. I went by the Las Vegas Academy school, through the Huntridge neighborhood and literally biked through shopping centers east of Las Vegas Blvd.

I biked to The Sphere construction behind the Venetian and Palazzo before checking out the big wheel from the east side.


I made it to the Strip as I waited in the left-turn lane on Flamingo to get to Las Vegas Boulevard. Flamingo the road split Caesars on the right and the Bellagio on the left.

Once on the Strip, I pedaled south and it was great to see the Park MGM marquee with the no smoking message.

It was about 9:30 a.m. or so and the traffic was light. Though, there's always one mean-spirited douche bag motorist who drives a car and hates bicyclists, blaring his horn and acting like a horse's ass.

I always like to check out T-Mobile Arena. During any typical October, this Big Ice House by the Strip would be hosting Vegas Golden Knights NHL games.

But this being the age of COVID-19, the arena's exterior screen shares coronavirus messages.

I biked over to the Raiders stadium, but didn't take a photo. I have taken my share of photos of this palatial domed football playground.

Then it was off to bike west on Hacienda Ave. to Durango and Tropicana and finally to the 215 Beltway Trail that took me home.

Another Bicycle Man field trip and tale in the books.

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