Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bicyclists Ride To FunLan Flea Market

In downtown St. Petersburg last week it was terrific to see all the bicyclists who pedaled to the farmer's market.

Here in Tampa, I bike to the FunLan drive-in flea market for my fruits and veggies. The demographic socio/economic slice of the crowd might be different that the one in St. Pete but the one similarity is the bicycle use.

I can't think of another place in Tampa that has as many bicyclists using the two-wheeler as a mode of transportation as here. Check out the mid-Sunday morning bicycle lockup scene.

Here's a typical Tampa scene. A guy on a bike with a boatload of stuff biking on the sidewalk against traffic. I have stopped to chat with these folks and they say they prefer the sidewalks and also mention they grew up biking against the flow of traffic.

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