Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Prime Time: Rays vs. Red Sox in St. Petersburg

I was in St. Petersburg today to promote the Bicycle Bash by the Bay at the commuter choices event in downtown St. Pete. After I handed out flyers and chatted with folks, it was off to the Trop area -- or the Dome District as it's called for Game 1 of the mega-showdown for the American League championship between the hometown Rays and the villian Red Sox.

The best place to watch tonight's Rays-Red Sox game?. That's a no-brainer: Ferg's. It's the spiritual heart of Rays Nation, a wooden floor bar and grill across the street from the Trop. And the place was rocking hours before the 8:37 p.m. tilt between the Rays and the Bad Guys.

The best way to arrive? By bicycle, of course.

Yes folks: That's St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker cavorting with the governor of (the woman, not the guy who muscled his way into the pic).

There was a steady stream of Rays fans looking to get a free mohawk courtesy of Somers Salon & Spa at Ferg's. The women of Somers descended like a NASCAR pit crew on the gentlemen's hair and executed mohawks in a mere 10 minutes apiece.

This fella is getting ready for his free mohawk. He doesn't seem to happy about the hair-do he's about to receive. Good thing he still has that Bud.

This is Tampa Bay, so you know someone is selling beads. This lady is the mysterious bead seller, declining to offer her identity.

Anyone who shows up with a Rays sombrero gets an automatic appearance on the blog in honor of Mr. Jeff Houck's Sombrero Project.

This fella is named Charlie, and he's a lawyer who lives near Tyrone Plaza in St. Pete and came up with this witty $10 T-shirt and also created blue mohawks that strap on your head for $5.


GhostRider said...

Every time you see the Mayor of St. Pete, you refer to him in print as "Mayor Rick Mayor"...but of course it's "Mayor Rick BAKER". Check your downtown St. Pete Pinellas Trail extension article for another example.

I think you need an editor, my friend!

GhostRider said...

I should clarify's your article on the Examiner that also mentions "Rick Mayor".