Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Ultimate Road Trip

Passed along by bicycling friend Ellen:


That would stand for baseball, barbecue, and bicycling.

This story from the Oxford (Ohio) Press is about Oxford resident Ron Zemko, who
last August made a valiant attempt to bicycle to fourteen minor league baseball games in fourteen days, while also tracking down barbecue joints to fuel his quest.

"I always fantasized about the possibility of putting together this trip," Zemko told staff writer Bob Ratterman.

His Great 2008 North Carolina Minor League Baseball, barbecue, and Bicycling Tour ended up being 2,344 miles long, though it wasn't all by bicycle.

Still, you gotta love a guy who says, "I do not let grass grow. I maximize every day. It was a great trip. If I was not at a ball game, I was eating barbecue or riding my bike."

Read the entire story here:

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