Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today's Commuter Stop: Clearwater

Few people in Florida have thrown themselves into the Velo-World as much as Chip Haynes of Clearwater, who has written about bicycling and built dozens of homemade bicycles and basically loves bicycles.

Chip had created the flyers for this year's and last year's Bicycle Bash by the Bay and has devoted much of his spare time to the bicycle world. He was in Clearwater today for a mid-day Bay Area Commuter Services event to encourage folks to get out of single-person commuter cars and look at alternative ways of getting around such as by bus or bike.

Here's two of the region's two bicycle icons -- Chip and the famed Bicycle Bash by the Bay rolling billboard.

Dave from SWFBUD member store Chainwheel Drive came to represent Chainwheel Drive at the Bay Area Commuter Services' mid-day event in Clearwater today.

Sue Ebner from Bay Area Commuter Services helped organize the mid-day events in different Tampa Bay cities, such as Clearwater for today's gathering.

Chip's bicycle inventory is diverse.

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