Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hilly Hundred Update

Hey everyone. Sunday is the big Hilly Hundred ride and Ruben Watson, president of the Tampa Bay Freewheelers, is still looking for a few good volunteers. I'm passing along Ruben's note to y'all:

Once again, thanks to all of you who have pre-registered for the ride! For those of you who may have missed pre-registration, you can still register for the event on the day of the ride. Although the fee is $3 more the morning of the event, we will be donating the $3 to the Josh Kuck Memorial Scholarship Fund. As many of you are aware, the ride is in memory of Josh Kuck who was struck and killed in an accident on the ride 1 year ago. There will be an opportunity to donate directly to the Josh Kuck Memorial Scholarship fund at the registration table on the day of the ride. All checks should be made out to TBF, Inc (including donations to the Josh Kuck Memorial Scholarship Fund). You can even combine the registration and donation into a single check. We'll know what goes where.

Day-of-Ride Registration: 6:30 AM

Ride Start: 7:30 AM

Directions to Start: I-75 to exit 293. Go east about 5.5 miles and the school will be on your left.

The Hilly Hundred is made up of four ride distances of 18, 34, 63 or 100 miles. The ride offers a short-sleeved t-shirt, fully stocked SAG stops, mechanical support, and some door prize giveaways from our supporting cycling businesses.

Visit us at

Volunteers for this ride are a bit light after reaching out earlier this week. If anyone is willing to volunteer, it would be much appreciated.

Our volunteer positions are as follows:

Ride Prep: Get ice and all the food for the ride. Load the trailer with everything for the ride. Count and fold the t-shirts. We do this on Saturday. (5 volunteers needed - we have 1 volunteer).

Day-of-Ride Registration and Set-up: Hand out packets on the day of the ride. If you volunteer for this job, you will be able to do the ride on that day (5 volunteers needed - we have 3 volunteers)

SAG Truck Driver and Support: Bring supplies from the start/finish to our 4 SAG stops. (1 driver and 1 heavy lifter needed). The job is important but easier than it looks. (We have a faithful driver but a backup or extra heavy lifter is always a good idea.)

SAG Stop Volunteers: Hand out snacks and provide beverages to our cyclists.
(8 people needed - Already have 5 volunteers)

Roving SAG and Safety: Drive the ride routes providing assistance to riders. Please bring a vehicle or bicycle rack so that you can accommodate both the cyclist and their bike. Motorcyclists are also welcome (5 people needed - We have 2 SAG drivers and 2 motorcycles currently)

Start/Finish Cleanup: Cleanup the start location during the day and at ride completion. If you volunteer for ride cleanup at the end of the ride, you will be able to ride the 18, 32 or 62 on the day of the ride. (6 people needed)

Parking: Direct vehicles as they arrive. (6 people needed - We have 1 volunteers)

We typically provide a ride t-shirt to anyone who volunteers about 4 hours of time prior to or during the event. If you are volunteering:
- Tell me what job(s) you are interested in
- Tell me your t-shirt size
- Tell me if you are also riding in the event

In town on Saturday AM? If so, come join us on our Stanley ride (free for everyone). Details on our TBF website: (Click the "Rides" tab.)

Please contact me if you have any additional questions at 813-404-5721 or if you'd prefer to register via mail.

Thanks and see you on the ride... Ruben.

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