Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hanging With The Cowbell Kid At Ferg's

I first met Cary Strukel -- known as The Cowbell Kid to legions of Tampa Bay Rays fans -- during the 2008 Rays' spring training season when late in pre-season games when the scrubeanies were playing there was ol' Cowbell in a section all to himself smashing a cowbell the size of a big grader with one of those small souvenir bats.

During the regular season, the Cowbell Kid would hang out in the rightfield bleachers and clang away at that cowbell -- the official nosiemaker for the miracle 97-win Tampa Bay Rays.

Well, I saw Mr. Cowbell tonight, along with his pint-sized "Lil Cowbell" at Ferg's, where the Tampa Bay media hung out with a wacky crew of Rays fans hoping the local Tampa Bay Nine would beat the White Sox and close out the divisional series with a sweep.

The White Sox denied the Rays with a 5-3 win, but it didn't mean we didn't have some fun with the Cowbell and his sidekick.

If the Cowbell Kid had his own baseball card, this would be it.

I just love the Cowbell Kid and Lil Cowbell in this photo -- Lil's facial expression is saying, "Can't you paparazzi just leave me alone."

But then the Cowbell Kid and Lil Cowbell strike a pose.

The Cowbell Kid did a shtick with a few girls wearing Rays garb.

Even the FOX camera guy has the Rays rally cap.

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