Sunday, February 7, 2010

Biking The Bridges Of Tampa Bay

On this cool and dry afternoon in Tampa Bay, I renewed the 4-Bridge Bike Ride, a 57-mile tour of spans with a line-up offering the Courtney Campbell Causeway, the Bayside Bridge, the Gandy Bridge and a bridge of my choice over the Hillsborough River in Tampa. On top of the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Note the narrow shoulder.

Not too many people bike across the causeway. That's too bad. The cycling along the frontage road is gorgeous along the edge of the Bay.

Bridge no. 2 -- Bayside Bridge in Clearwater.

Bridge no. 3 -- the Gandy.

The Gandy shoulder is fine for me.

Our fourth and final bridge -- North Boulevard bridge near Blake High School, just north of the University of Tampa.

Looking south on the Hillsborough River.

Is this a football town? Twenty minutes before the Super Bowl and Hillsborough Avenue is practically barren.

A park along the Hillsborough River when I returned to Seminole Heights. I dedicated today's bike ride in the memory of the Rev. Donald Muehlnickel, who passed this morning. Donald is the dad of my friend Grace Houck and the father-in-law of my compatriot, Jeff Houck. Donald was a sweet man who loved his family and who I got to know through Houck family gatherings at the holidays.

RIP Donald.


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Luci said...

Is your route legal? It's illegal to ride on the interstate, arent all the bridges you cover part of an interstate system?