Monday, February 22, 2010

It's New Battery Time Times 2

It's time for new juice.

The odometer on my Trek 2200 road bike went blank this month at 23,000 miles after three years and three months.

The odometer on my Trek 5200 road bike is failing at 18,200 miles this month after three years and two months.

Wow, that 41,200 miles on two road bikes in a little more than three years. (That's not counting my urban errand bike and my new red coaster bike).

OK, I guess it's time to get new batteries for the two odometers.

Job done and odometers are back to zero.

Time to log a few more miles.

See you out there.


Brian Sullivan said...

Alan, that's more miles on a bike than most people do in their cars! An impressive feat, and an amazing carbon offset! Keep on pedalin'!

GhostRider said...

Pure awesomeness.

Using the EIA's average gasoline price for this week ($2.65/gal) and an average of 18mpg, your bike savings are:

$6065.55 in gas savings
45320 lbs of CO2 not emitted.


SWFBUD said...

Thanks Brian and GR. One other terrific cost savings: No parking costs.

GhostRider said...

The savings go on and on, too: 41000 miles is at least four oil changes, perhaps new tires, coolant flush and all the other pesky maintenance issues you'd face if you drove a car that much.