Friday, February 19, 2010

It Was Nice To See A New Bike Lane In Tampa -- Even If It Was For Only Four Hours

It's not often you see a "complete street" in Tampa -- a street that's designed for pedestrians, bicyclists, mass transit users, besides the usual car drivers.

But for four hours today, it was nice to see Madison off Franklin Street be turned into a complete street -- even if it was just a demonstration project put on by my friends and bicycle pals at the Urban Charrette and the Tampa Downtown Partnership during the Friday Downtown Market in Tampa today.

I was there on behalf of SWFBUD and the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club, spreading the good word about bicycling to anyone who would listen. It was nice to hang with my usual bicycle buddies -- an ad-hoc group of bicyclists who want to see downtown Tampa more friendly for cyclists.

As you can see, I parked my red chariot in the makeshift bike lane, which served as a safe zone for pedestrians and bicyclists to visit the tables from the alphabet soup of mobility agencies such as the MPO, HART. PSTA and TBARTA. (As the director of SWFBUD, I'm a member of the alphabet soup as well.)

The "Mobility Market," as it was called, was a nice time to chat up bicycling with folks in downtown Tampa today.

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