Sunday, February 21, 2010

Every Bike Ride Is A Real Trip

You never who will meet or what you'll find on a bike ride.

This morning's bread-and-butter 46-miler to Flatwoods yielded quite the find: a wallet on Morris Bridge Road owned by a guy named Jose Santiago of Lutz.

I gave the wallet to Eric the ranger at Flatwoods park who was planning to give it to Dean the sheriff's deputy who covers the Flatwoods park area -- and Dean would track down Jose.

But I thought I'd give Jose a call from the phone number on a business card in his wallet. I called and he told me he was already driving over to Morris Bridge Road. I told him to check in with the rangers at Flatwoods.

Jose stopped by the Flatwoods entrance, got in touch with Eric the ranger and wallet and Jose were re-united.

It was nice to know that less than two hours after I found the wallet on the side of the road along Morris Bridge Rd. it was in the hands of its owner.

The halfway point of my 46-miler is a break at Panera Bread in the shopping center across from the Flatwoods entrance off Bruce B. Downs.

At the Highwoods Preserve-Bruce B Downs Blvd. light, I met this guy who loves to hold his sign and cut a few dance moves at the street corner, too.

Check out this guy. America got talent, my friends. Watching the dance was a woman in Moslem garb in a car waiting at the light. Keep that in mind when watching Michael Jackson II pull a few crotch dance steps.

This fella was also happy to pose for a photo.

"But I ain't gonna dance for ya," he informed me.

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