Sunday, February 14, 2010

Seminole Heights Bicycle Club Among The Participants Of The Inaugural Seminole Heights Sunday Market

A crisp, cool and sunny morning was the backdrop for the successful debut of the Seminole Heights Sunday Market, held from 9 am to 2 pm on the lawn of Hillsborough High School today.

I was happy to man the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club tent -- and it was five hours of non-stop talking with dozens of residents who are interested in the type of casual road bicycling offered by the SHBC.

If today's response to the Feb. 27 Hub Grub Bike Ride being held by the SHBC is any indication, I expect a great crowd for the bike ride that will tour eight Seminole Heights restaurants on the 27th (a Saturday) from 3-6 PM, leaving from the Garden Center.

I want to thank Jim Shirk, Tampa's Mr. Bicycle Volunteer who helps with everything related to growing bicycling in the Tampa area, from volunteering with the Bicycle Bash to helping Tampa Crit to mapping the Old Seminole Heights Home Tour bike route. Jim and I entertained the questions from dozens of folks interested in the SHBC.

Great job in the debut of the Sunday market and kudos go to Tiffany and Greg who put this thing together. Naturally, Tiffany said she wants more produce vendors as the vast majority of vendors were arts and crafts sellers. Greg also mentioned that they had trouble getting a generator to the site for the food vendors.

But those things can be addressed and the inaugural Seminole Heights market was a great success.

The Seminole Heights Bicycle Club tent showed the big red cruiser bike for the club's first-Saturday-of-the-month 5-mile bike ride; the hybrid-style cargo bike great for the second-Saturday 10-mile ride to downtown and back; and the road bike used for the third-Saturday 20-mile ride.

Nita is neat. And she has a tiny pinhead, which accommodated this toddler's bike helmet. But we all know Nita has a powerful brain despite the size of the head that encases it.

We had other cyclists stop by the tent.

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Downtown Lee said...

This is great! Nita is my little sis and FYI, we are a family of pin heads. I'm still wearing my baby bonnets, and I'm a grandma! Hahahaha. Best of luck on the market.
Lee Ostermann