Friday, February 19, 2010

Hub Grub Bike Ride Updates: The Ultimate Drive-Through

Need another reason to be excited about the inaugural Hub Grub Bicycle Ride on Feb. 27, when the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club visits eight Seminole Heights restaurants on a bike ride?

Well, one of the eight restaurants -- the Bungalow Bistro soon to be called "The Refinery" -- will open both of its side doors so that bicyclists can bike right into the eatery and then out the other side door.

How about that for hospitality?

Owners Greg and Michelle Baker, who bought the Bungalow Bistro from Elizabeth Graham and will call it The Refinery, will allow bicyclists to bike right into their restaurant as part of the Hub Grub bike tour.

Here are Greg and Michelle with the red chariot I will use to lead the bike ride. That's the door we'll be entering their restaurant, by the way. Greg and Michelle are a very funny and creative couple, also known as the "Culinary Sherpas" for their food column in the Tribune.

Just to remind everyone, the Hub Grub ride is Saturday Feb. 27. Please start gathering between 2:30-2:45 PM as the ride starts at 3 from in front of the Garden Center at 5800 Central Avenue.

Karen Kress of Tampa BayCycle, a program to get people on bikes to pedal to work, school and the store, will be there to hand out information about Bike Month in March.

And Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor, a bicyclist who lives in the Seminole Heights area, tells me she will make a cameo at the start of the bike ride.

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