Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flatwoods Called Out This Afternoon

After a morning 22-miler with my pals with the Seminole heights Bicycle Club, the balmiest temps in a long time lured me to Flatwoods, where our wet winter did make for a gorgeous watery canvas.

My Trek 2200 road bike was feeling sluggish in the morning. Then this afternoon, I found out why when my rear wheel grew more wobbly and untrue until it began smacking the inside of my frame on every revolution.

Broken spoke?


But worse news. A cracked rim. It was right at the spoke nipple, where the spoke had snapped.

Thank you ranger Clint at Flatwoods park who ferried me to Oliver's bike store on Bruce B. Downs from the Morris Bridge Road side of the park.

I biked home with a new wheel -- and new rear brake pads and a working odometer thanks to a new battery. Thank you Randy Myhre of SWFBUD member store Oliver's for getting me back on the road.

On the way home, I got to enjoy these scenes.

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