Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Congrats Steve Toll -- His ISM Seat Is Used By Lance Armstrong on Lance's TT Bike

Congrats to Tampa's Steve Toll, who created a special bicycle saddle that is getting big-time attention. His ISM seat was used by American Olympic women triathletes, and now Lance Armstrong is using his saddle for his time trial bike.

In 2008, I helped Steve get media attention when the Olympic women used the ISM seat at the summer games.

I first met Steve when I did a Tampa Tribune business story on his ISM seat, which is sold in several SWFBUD member bike shops such as University Bicycle Center, Carrollwood Bicycle Emporium, Suncoast Trailside Bicycles and Chainwheel Drive.

It's a U-shaped saddle without the traditional saddle nose.

Congrats to Steve Toll for getting Lance to use it on his TT bike.

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