Friday, January 13, 2012

City of Tampa Works Deal To Maintain U-Path Trail Near Airport

One of the unheralded paved trails in Tampa Bay is the U-path that allows bicyclists from points north of State Road 60 to circumvent Tampa International Airport on its west side to reach locations south of the airport. It was nice to hear Karla Price of the city of Tampa tell us members of the Tampa-Hillsborough Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee this week that the city of Tampa has worked out a deal with the Tampa International Airport for the city to maintain the trail.

It's an essential link that allows bicyclists to bike south on George Street to a city park where the trail starts and heads to State Road 60/Causeway and continues south of SR 60 past the Hyatt, around the airport and to Cypress Avenue. Make a left on Cypress and you can head to downtown Tampa and other Tampa locations.

I use it all the time when I cross the Courtney Campbell Causeway from Clearwater to Tampa and pick it up off SR 60 starting at the Hyatt.

Here's an overhead map of the U-Path.

You might recall that I also took photos of roseate spoonbills hanging out in a watery hideaway between the U-path trail and the Hyatt.

You also get a pretty good view of landing jets when biking the U-path.

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