Friday, September 20, 2013

The Gathering Of The Bicycle Tribal Members Of Interbike

Interbike means gathering of the tribe -- the bicycle tribe. I used to go to Vegas to see Interbike. Now that I live in Las Vegas, Interbike comes to me.

I spent this week reporting business news on Interbike for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The assignment allowed me to catch up with so many wonderful people from around the country.

Here's Ira David, my great pal from Chicago who created and produces the PBS TV show, Pedal America.

Then, there's the famed "Ghost Rider," Jack Sweeney, my former Seminole Heights pal.

Steve Toll from Tampa has created a mini-empire and cult following with his nose-less ISM bike seat. Here's Steve with daughter Lindsay.

Tim Blumenthal of People for Bikes is a national bicycle leader from Boulder, Colo. Dynamic speaker leading the way with other national groups.

Great to see David Hurst of the Tampa Bay Bike Co-op.

Love seeing Andy Clarke, president of the League of American Bicyclists, along with Ira David.

Joe Kurmaskie, of Portland, is the "Metal Cowboy" -- a great book writer who has written about his around-the-world bike travels and now he's a partner in the Arkel bicycle pack and gear company. And Joe is from Tampa, where he learned to ride and gave him the ability to handle any biking situation in the world.

Close to home here in Las Vegas, there's Ron Floth, who does bicycle outreach for the Regional Transportation Commission.

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