Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Ciclovia Comes To The City Of Henderson

Whenever a city hosts its own ciclovia and closes a stretch of popular boulevard to motorized traffic so that human-powered transport like bicyclists, skateboarders, walkers and roller-bladers can take over the pavement, that is a wonderful thing.

Such was the case today in the suburban city of Henderson outside Las Vegas. The folks at the city of Henderson, who are hungering for a silver medal in the bicycle friendly community category from the League of American Bicyclists, held a "Stroll n Roll" event. Not sure why they didn't call it what it is -- a ciclovia, which is popular in cities around the world.

They shut down a mile-long segment of one side of the four-lane Paseo Verde Parkway between the Henderson Multigenerational Center and Valle Verde Drive.

The city held a series of terrific mini-festivals and activities in parks along the one mile for kids and families to paint faces, chat with clusters of vendors under tents and get chakas like free pedometers.

But this was the most bizarre thing of all: Nearly half of the people who attended didn't even bother to walk or stroll along the open street -- they walked on a paved trail next to the road. I guess people are so programmed to think that streets are only for cars that they didn't event bother to savor the four hours when a mile-long stretch of scenic parkway was open just for them.

Here are your photos. The first two show just as many people on the sidewalk trail as on the street.

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