Friday, August 15, 2014

It's Hi 5 Time

Time for a Hi 5!

1. In Toronto, a property management company removes a bicycle from a pole on a public sidewalk. Reminds me of El Cortez banning people from locking bicycles on a public sidewalk in downtown Las Vegas.

2. Whoa nellie! Check out Copenhagen's elevated bicycle path.

3. This fella riding a bike in Ashland, Oregon was cited by police for riding in the traffic lane and not the bike lane.

4. Nice to hear that there's a bicycle crackdown in New York City. Maybe start with this NYPD officer standing in the middle of a bike lane in midtown.

5. When Interbike and the bicycle industry come to Vegas, there's a whole bunch of great bike events -- like the Las Vegas Pedal Palooza crits in downtown.

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