Wednesday, October 8, 2014

80-year-old Bicyclist Pedaling Red Rock Canyon Every Day

It's a daily ritual for John, an 80-year-old retired truck driver from Detroit who pedals a super-heavy Schwinn Ranger mountain bike.

He starts at his home near Sahara and Town Center and he pedals all the way up Charleston Blvd/State Road 159 to near the Red Rock Visitors Center.

He bikes seven miles all up hill, gaining in elevation from about 2,900 feet to 3,500 feet. Then it's a ride back to his home.

Check out his homemade bike gloves -- he cut off the finger ends from a pair of cheap garden gloves.

He pedals about 5 mph, but it doesn't matter how fast you go because he gets where he needs to go just like everyone else cycling their road bicycles while wearing snazzy kits.

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