Sunday, April 19, 2015

I'll Be Back, Valley of Fire

About eight hours after getting home from the Blinking Man bike ride in down town Las Vegas, it was off to Valley of Fire with my road bicycle pal Scott.

Scott has not ridden Valley of Fire on a bicycle, and he was in for a treat.

Valley of Fire early on a Sunday morning is ideal -- great light, few cars on the narrow two-lane road and a cal, quiet aura to the red rock formations.

We biked about 32 miles and gained elevation of about 3,050 feet along the hilly, roller-coaster terrain.

The state park is only a buck per bicyclist, so we parked about five miles from the Valley of Fire entrance and cycled up a hill, crossed a ridge and then swooped into the valley of red rock.


The landscape is stunning -- people drive on these roads with passengers hanging out windows and snapping away at photos.

An incredible day -- I'm always left wondering why I don't come here more to ride a bicycle. We're heading out of the valley here.

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