Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pedaling In Boca This Morning

It's Sunday morning and there's nobody I'd rather be bicycling with than this girl.

But Debbie is mending, so no pedaling with this darling.

However, that doesn't mean Debbie can't be close to bicycling.

While a lot of us would be feeling sorry for ourselves if they couldn't ride, Debbie got up at the crack of dawn and volunteered to sign people in for a training ride event stage by the Boca Raton Bicycle Club from the Bicycle America parking lot this morning.

I was there and so proud to see Debbie involved with bicycling while she gets better.

On Saturday, I did a strenuous ride on the Surly Pugsley fattie, so today I wanted to spin and chat and I enjoyed riding with about 20 cyclists in a bike club C ride that included riders from 40 to 83.

I enjoyed talking with a 64-year-old retired tech company owner from Pompano Beach named Richard who is from Boston, loves the Bruins and was a fun gab partner as we pedaled down A1A in Boca. There's Richard in red.

Our group pedaled about 20 miles or so with a turnaround in Deerfield Beach, just over the Palm Beach County line in north Broward.

I got a kick out of this fella -- 83-year-old Dan who was a ride leader in the C ride.

I heard about 135 cyclists in all did four rides.

And I can't wait 'til I ride with this cyclist.

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Roadiegirl said...

It's always a pleasure to volunteer for Cyclist advocate groups like Boca Raton Bike Club and ZMotion. I try to assist with event registration, even if I am actually participating in the event. It's just great to be around such super people. And don't worry, I'll be back on the road with you again soon.