Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free Lightning Ticket For Biking To The Game, Eh?

It was bike-to-the-Lightning-game-and-get-a-free-ticket-night at the Ice Palace. Bike Month in March in Florida, you know.

The crowd departed early when the Flyers whipped the Bolts in the third period.

Check out this young bicyclist enjoying life on a school night.

Bridget looks quite color-coordinated with her Anaheim Ducks jersey and Electra bike.


Clinton said...

I thought the guy with the camera looked a little familiar. I've seen you at other things but I couldn't place where.

Not a very good night for a bike ride. I wonder how many people got turned off by the gusting winds. I cheated and drove to Ybor and rode from there. I was going to ride down from USF but the Forum gave me problems last year with my shoulder bag and a few tools so I didn't want to haul a bunch of extra stuff down to be prepared in case the weather turned as ugly as it looked.

I decided to leave after the fight in the third. It was pretty obvious the Lightning were imploding at that point. They looked good in the first, had my hopes up.

Donny said...

"Ice Palace" -- THANK YOU. =)

I heard it was a lot of fun though, despite the loss.