Sunday, March 21, 2010

SHBC's Movie Night Under The Stars

I enjoyed experiencing another side of the local Tampa Bay bicycle scene last night as the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club hosted Ride-in Movie Night.

About 20 folks of all ages came on bikes of all shapes and forms (they all had lights for the ride home).

We set up the outdoor movie screen in the back yard, arranged the chairs and watched The Flying Scotsman, a movie about a Scotsman who created an aerodynamic bicycle thanks to washing machine parts and who used a "Superman" riding position to become an indoor track world champion while also suffering from depression in the mid-1990.

Dale was one of several who came to Movie Night via bicycle with drink and food aboard as well.

As you can tell, Dale's next job is beer model.

Hmmm, what tasty dish will Jack "The Ghostrider" Sweeney bring for Saturday night's potluck movie night?

And there it is -- Chili brought via two wheels, of course.

What an impressive array of bikes.

Stay tuned for our next movie night under the stars.


Anonymous said...

What's that bike with the mega panniers? It looks like one of those RANS "crank forward" Hammertrucks. I rode one at a local bike shop and thought it was really cool.

GhostRider said...

@Anon...that's exactly what it is. I'm reviewing it here: