Friday, March 19, 2010

Lance Takes On Sports Talking Head Kornheiser Today

It was typical talk-radio, attention-grabbing stuff. Say something outrageous and nasty with a healthy dose of exaggeration. Tony Kornheiser, a sports guy out of Washington, D.C. who appears on ESPN Radio 980 in DC and also on an ESPN sports show called Pardon The Interruption, didn't like the idea of a bike lane going down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to the Capitol.

Kornheiser also doesn't like bicyclists in the road.

So, on his March 11 ESPN radio show, he said the same kind of inflammatory why-are-bicyclists-in-the-road stuff you hear all around here -- and "run 'em down" was Kornheiser's most idiotic quote. You can read all the Kornheiser comments here.

Here's Kornheiser.

It reminded me of when David Luppino, owner of Just Ride Bicycles, and I contacted local Tampa radio station WFLA, 970-AM a few years ago after a WFLA radio show host made similar nasty comments about bicyclists. David and I were later invited on the show to talk bicycling and the radio station diplomatically cleaned up the mess.

This time, it will be Lance Armstrong, who said Thursday he'll be on the sports talking head's radio show to take on Kornheiser today.

Armstrong is a pretty sharp guy when interviewed live, so I hope Kornheiser doesn't try anything stupid. Armstrong already tweeted about Kornheiser, "Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete … idiot.”

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