Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two Great American Pastimes: Bicycling and Baseball

On Tuesday, I snuck in a quick 48-miler to the Philadelphia Phillies spring training stadium where the 2009 NL champs Phillies hosted the Detroit Tigers.

I was impressed with the number of bicyclists tho pedaled to the game. There were so many bicycles that there was not enough room at the bike racks for them.

In the age of the specialists in baseball -- long reliever, short reliever, fat reliever -- there's also a new job. Here are two foul ball catchers who work outside the ballpark to catch foul balls that leave the park stadium.

I followed the Clearwater east-west trail to Safety Harbor and Oldsmar, where I picked up Hillsborough Aveue for the ride back to Seminole Heights.

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